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    据长岛地产经纪合作协会(MLSLI2 17 日的统计数据显示,皇后区(QUEENS BOROUGH)、纳苏郡(NASSAU COUNTY)和苏福克郡 SUFFOLK COUNTY)今年 1 月房屋销售中间价为 $364,000,同比下降了1.3%。其中,纳苏郡为 $420,000,同比上升了1.2%;苏福克郡为 $318,750,同比 $317,000 上升了 0.6%;皇后区为$375,000,同比升幅为 2.7%(详见附图和图后英文注释,点击附图,可开另窗)

    一个显得有些“古怪”的市场现象和 MLSLI 的解释在文后随附的英文说明里出现:皇后、纳苏和苏福克一区俩郡中间售价同比显示都在上升,而加在一起就“下降了”,似乎不合逻辑。MLSLI 归因于市场的高售“份额”。

该统计图表由 MLSLI 制作

The closed median home price on Long Island, which includes Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens, for January 2011 was $360,400 representing a 1.3% decrease over the year prior.  Nassau County reported a closed median home price of $420,000 representing a 1.2% increase from the prior year.  Suffolk County reported a closed median home price of $318,750 compared to $317,000 from the prior year that represents a 0.6% increase and Queens reported a closed median home price of $375,000 which represents the highest gain of 2.7% over a year ago.

What’s interesting is that a natural oddity occurred in January 2011 in terms of closed median home prices. All three counties reported slight increases in current home prices compared to the prior year, however, the overall long Island median was 1.3% lower. This can happen when a higher share of closed sales on a given month took place in a county that has a lower Median Sales Price.

The contracted (pending) median sales price of a Long Island residential property was $340,000 in January 2011, down 1.4% from $345,000 in the same period last year.

MLSLI reported a decrease in the number of closed sales in January 2011, as well as a decline in the number of contracted sales.

Both numbers can be explained by the unusually cold and snowy weather that hit the Northeast during January.